Broom On.

It was a year of success and failure for this years broomball squad. Expectations were not high going into the season after previous years of sub-par broomball teams. This years team resembled the 2008 brewers squad; a bunch of scrubs that somehow performed. The season started out with a bang with the team winning all of its regular season games with much ease. Star players on the team could be found in almost every position. It almost seemed that this was a team of destiny with each member fitting into their respective role perfectly. Whether it was Nick “Mr. Dangler” Malahy dribbling through an entire team to score an unbelievable goal or Jack “Yeah, I play lacrosse” Lund with his sneaky goals this team just worked. Mike, an emerging prodigy goalie, protected the net for the team while Mark “Grind it out” Ericson took care of the corners. Brady, our fearless capitano, organized and lead the team on the ice. Often he could be seen taking a player aside for a “coaching session”, or extolling defenders to get back. Finner and Zach provided a solid core in the middle that was almost unpenitrable for opposing team; striking fear into even the most manly. Blanchard was the great off season signing (CC Sabathia anyone?) who kept the team together like glue with his never give up attitude. The team advanced through the first few games of the playoffs with some ease and their toughest test of the season up until that point when they played the team who had bought broomball shoes. Being fearless, the team rallied together to put together what can only be described as “pure broomball”. Defeating the team with broomball shoes 1-0 in the semi-finals showed that maybe, just maybe, this was a team destined to be champions. Going into the final game of the season the team was a little beaten up from injuries sustained while sacrificing body for ice glory. The team made a valiant effort in the final game but ended up being outmatched by a team who was clearly the Wisconsin hockey “b” team. In the end every person on the team ended up with a sense of pride knowing that he contributed to what is highly regarded as “the most surprising thing to ever happen to the sport of broomball”. Good work team. Broom on.

— Mark Ericson, ASME Historian, Spring 2013


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