February 2nd – February 3rd

The ASME officers attended the biannual officer retreat at the start of the Spring Semester. The goal of the officer retreat is to get the officers off of campus for a night and get to know those that they will be working with closely for the semester.

The spring retreat began as the officers departed late afternoon from the Engineering Centers Building. After a short drive to the Wisconsin Dells, the officers checked into a Cabin at the Wilderness and immediately everyone claimed beds that they knew would be up for grabs later that night anyway.

After everyone settled in, the business meeting began as the group of officers discussed ideas and events for the upcoming semester. At the conclusion of the meeting, everyone piled onto the Marley’s Shuttle Bus and headed to Marley’s for dinner.

While waiting for dinner, officers tested their crayon game skills on the tables. It was decided that TT > EC at the dot game. After playing childish games, a great meal was had and it was off to the pool table for a couple games.

When returning to the hotel, the true group bonding began. Team games were played and champions were crowned.

Later, officers gathered in the living room for a deep question and answer session where everyone was able to really open up and share with the group. Everyone really loved sharing with Jeff at the conclusion of the session.

The rest of the night was spent having fun. The music meter slowly moved toward “Full Rage” as the night progressed and everyone had a blast. Even at full rage there was still Taylor Swift to be sung. As the night came to an end, Clever Paul won the engineer of the night award as he created his own bed out of dining room chairs.

The morning quickly came and it was time to clean up and head out. Some went back to Madison, some went to Denny’s, some went to the water park, and Greg replaced his flat tire… Thankfully, everyone made it home and the retreat was considered a success.

— Trent Thomas, ASME Chair, Fall 2012 – Spring 2013


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